The Hoy Hoolie is organised by a large number of community volunteers that work as a sub group of the Island of Hoy Development Trust.

The main body of the Trust is involved with community issues such as welfare, transport, energy etc. This means they have to consider the community as a whole, i.e. the population of the island.
The Hoy Hoolie group is able to take a different view and can try and create events that maximise the involvement of the community spirit by us working together to create something that we are proud to share with visitors.

The community bond is strengthened and extended to others that feel the same but are not resident on the island.

We were originally thinking to make the Hoy Hoolie an annual event, but after speaking with various people, we’ve decided to hold it every two years so that we don’t suffer with volunteer fatigue and that the event doesn’t become stale.

So far we have enjoyed three great Hoolies and have decided to do a Hoy 1/2 Hoolie in 2019 in order to raise funds for the Longhope Playpark which is in much need of improvement.  Funding is becoming a lot harder to attract, however we have been very well supported by the Island of Hoy Development Trust through their grant funds.

As with trying to pull any party together, everyone wants to go, but you still need people to help create it. We are gifted with a small but keen group who do just keep plodding on all year and it is they that so often are not visible on the weekend, they are just lost in the wall paper. To them I offer a heartfelt “THANK YOU” and I am sure that is also on behalf of everyone who comes to Hoy to have fun that weekend.

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